Virtual Market 2022 Summer

Schedule 2022.8.13 SAT 10:00 - 2022 8.28.SUN 23:00 JST
入場無料 / For free

Thank you for the many visits during the event period. We are looking forward to meeting you again in the next event, the Virtual Market 2022 Winter!



About Virtual Market

What is Virtual Market? It's the largest market festival virtual reality has to offer, where users can buy and sell 3D items/avatars, as well as real-world products like food, clothing, and PCs.
The event sees over a million visitors from around the world and even holds multiple Guinness World Records™.

* A Guinness World Records™ was achieved for having "most booths at a virtual reality market event".


How to enjoy


  • 公式3Dグッズ / Official 3D goods Coming Soon
  • 公式リアルグッズ / Official real goods


Held at

  • Experiences in VRChat
  • Vket Cloud


Virtual Market 2022 Summer Theme

(0,0,0) Point of Origin

Whether it's virtual worlds, 3D modeling, or even journeys of life.
All things start from (0,0,0): The Point of Origin.
Why don't we retrace our steps in these drastically changing times and
remember the beginner's spirits we started off with?
Virtual Market's Point of Origin is August 26th of 2018.

Our (0,0,0) was the passion to create opportunities for new encounters,
one between people and creativity, in both virtual and real worlds.

The expectation for this side of the world, or “The Metaverse” is growing more than ever before.
And we return to our roots once again to continue this wish of contributing growth to the virtual world,
beginning Virtual Market's journey anew.

For you, what was your Point of Origin?

What have you discovered in your journey so far?

"Today" is always the best day to mark a fresh start in your journey.

Welcome to the Point of Origin.

Now, let's take this first step once again, together.


  • 2022/10/05

    All worlds other than the corporate exhibition worlds of Vket2022 Summer are now Public again! For VRChat, search for “Vket2022S”. For Vket Cloud, access from here.

  • 2022/08/28

    Vket2022 Summer has closed. Thank you for your participation!

  • 2022/08/13

    Would you answer the feedback questionnaire? We are seeking your valuable feedback!

  • 2022/08/13

    The loading issue in JR Osaka Station and JR Osaka station square in Vket Cloud venue has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

  • 2022/08/13

    Currently, visitors using smartphones may experience issues in rendering or loading failure in the Vket Cloud venue. Furthermore, JR Osaka Station and JR Osaka station square in Vket Cloud venue may fail to complete loading. We’ll announce again once the issue is resolved. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • 2022/08/13

    Vket2022 Summer has opened! See here for how to visit!

  • 2022/08/12

    The event page is released! Check the schedule of streams and events!

  • 2022/08/03

    The catalog page has been released! Look for the booths you want to visit! *Product pages will be published on the opening day.

  • 2022/04/22

    Vket2022 Summer exhibitor application has started! Sign up by May 6 JST: 11:59 pm, UTC: 2:59 pm, EST: 10:59 am!

  • 2022/04/22

    Vket2022 Summer Official Discord for exhibitors and visitors is available‼ Join from here.