Exhibition Guideline


Schedule August 13, 2022 - August 28, 2022 in JST
Location VRChat, Vket Cloud

VRChat venue

PC worlds

Exhibition fee 3,300 yen (tax included)
Space 420 spaces
Exhibition Application April 22, 2022 ~ May 6, 2022

Quest worlds

Exhibition fee free
Space 90 spaces
Exhibition Application April 22, 2022 ~ May 6, 2022

Vket Cloud venue

Exhibition fee free
Space 30 spaces
Exhibition Application April 22, 2022 ~ May 6, 2022
  • The exhibition fee must be paid within 6 days after the announcement of the lottery result.
  • The exhibition fee must be sent via credit card payment.
  • If the exhibition fee is not paid by the deadline, the application will be rejected.
  • The exhibition fee will be required only when your exhibition is confirmed.
  • No payment will be made if you are confirmed not to exhibit.
  • Please note that, in principle, no refunds will be made in the event of cancellation after the payment following confirmation of exhibition.
  • A single account (circle) can exhibit in one PC world, one Quest world and one Vket Cloud venue simultaneously.



May 6, 2022 Application deadline
May 12, 2022 Announcement of 1st drawing results
May 26, 2022 Announcement of 2nd drawing results
June 30, 2022 Submission starts
July 31, 2022 Submission deadline
August 13, 2022 Virtual Market 2022 Summer starts
August 28, 2022 Virtual Market 2022 Summer ends
  • For PC worlds, even if you are not selected in the first wave of drawing on May 12, you may still be selected in the second wave of drawing on May 26.
  • The world will be updated periodically during the submission period, allowing you to preview your space anytime. It is recommended that you submit your space several times and visit the Preview World in order to check the baking conditions and other aspects.

Event Contents

What exhibitors can do in Virtual Market

  • Exhibit 3D models
  • Express yourself through your own space
  • Sell the works that you exhibit in the event

About Virtual Market Globalization

  • While the Virtual Market has originated in Japan, nowadays about half of the visitors are from outside of Japan.
  • Vket organizers have established the Global Team for international support and Localization Team for translation and facilitation of communication for overseas visitors.
  • We are working on the website, submission tools, support article, and user support to be English-friendly.
  • To all exhibitors: If you cover both Japanese and English, you will be able to reach most of the visitors to Vket, enabling them to understand your exhibit descriptions and terms.
  • For this reason, we strongly recommend including both English and Japanese for the text and products in the space.
  • Vket Staff will support the exhibitors to reach a broader audience by providing official Prefabs for a language switch and setting up a Discord channel for exhibitors' mutual assistance (English ⇔ Japanese).

Features of each world

The world design and the booth design will mutually enhance and improve each other.

This time, we have put in place 6 concepts with 2 worlds each for PC worlds, producing 12 worlds in total. In addition to the revival world of the original Virtual Market "Virtual Market Classic" and redesigned "Poppin' Jump" from Vket2021, we will have "VketPlaza -CyberMode-", "
Casca-Acqua Falls", "Kowloon Empire Ichiban Boulevard" and "Granvale Academy of Sorcerers", providing a wide choice of concept worlds with in-depth world settings.

Furthermore, we will have 3 kinds of in total 6 worlds (2 worlds for each kind), "Kuja Market", "Almerea: The Town of New Beginnings" and Vket Academy “Electro-charged School Festival!”, as Meta Quest-compatible worlds. The worlds can be enjoyed by Quest users, too!

The differences in the rules are as follows. For details, please refer to the Submission Rules of each.


You may exhibit in one of the following exhibition worlds.


Virtual Market Classic

38 spaces x 2 worlds | 4m x 4m x 5m

East / West

The space specification is standard. It's a revival world of the original Vket 1 venue, conforming to the current VRChat specifications.

In this concept, for the sake of better rendering performance, visitors will see "dummy booths" on distant spaces. The exhibitor booths will show up on the space when visitors get closer.


Vket Plaza-Cyber Mode

38 spaces x 2 worlds | 4m x 4m x 5m


The space specification is standard. Well-suited for sci-fi-themed spaces.

In this concept, the space will have an outer shell attached.


Casca-Acqua Falls

38 spaces x 2 worlds | 4m x 4m x 5m

Dragonclimb Festival / Aquagift Festival

The space specification is standard. The concept builds upon the world of Mokuri, well-suited for natural, fantasic and ocean-themed spaces.


Kowloon Empire Ichiban Boulevard

38 spaces x 2 worlds | 4m x 4m x 5m

Casino / Theater

The space specification is standard. The concept features the entrance district to the Kowloon Empire, well-suited for Asian and underground sci-fi spaces.

The concept will have "UdonChips" implemented in the world, enabling on-site exhibit of gimmicks with UdonChips support.


Granvale Academy of Sorcerers

38 spaces x 2 worlds | 4m x 4m x 5m

Fantasia / Nocturne

The space specification is standard. Well-suited for fantasy-themed spaces.


Poppin' Jump

20spaces x 2 worlds | 10m x 10m x 10m

Lemon Squash / Peach Shower

With wider allocated space and less limitations on Udon and build size, the concept is suitable for elaborate large-scale spaces. The concept of spaces popping out into the world achieves two-fold objectives of beautiful theatrical effects and easy, intuitive control.

The concept will have "AudioLink" implemented in the world with AudioSource linked to the world BGM. This feature will be useful for exhibiting shaders and other gimmicks with AudioLink support.


Quest worlds

These are Meta Quest-compatible worlds. While the build size limitation is stringent, the Udon and drawing-related restrictions are the same as standard specification.

【Quest】Kuja Market

15 spaces x 2 worlds | 4m x 4m x 5m

This is a revival of Vket6 concept world. Well-suited for Asian and underground sci-fi themes.

In this concept, the space will have an outer shell attached with some design options.

【Quest】Almerea: The Town of New Beginnings

15 spaces x 2 worlds | 4m x 4m x 5m

This is a revival of Vket2021 concept world. Well-suited for fantasy and game-like themes.

【Quest】Vket Academy “Electro-charged School Festival!”

15 spaces x 2 worlds | 2m x 2m x 2.5m

This is a revival of Vket2021 concept world. While smaller in space, you can set up lively and dense space like in school festivals.

Vket Cloud venue

The below world will be built on the Vket Cloud venue. The venue uses proprietary engine instead of VRChat, offering accessibility from browsers even of smartphones without downloading apps.
15 spaces x 2 worlds | 2m x 2m x 2m

【Vket Cloud】Summer Mall

This world is based on Vket Mall, the same facility as VketMall Proto back in Vket6. This time, instead of setting up specialized shops, the entirety of one floor of the mall will be used as the exhibition space. The concept will have a decorative frame for exhibits.

Submission will be through special webpage on this website using VRM format. You may choose from several preset poses prepared by the organizers.

*Individual or multiple exhibitors (exhibitor group) can work together.
*You may exhibit at maximum 1 space of PC world, 1 space of Quest world and 1 space of Vket Cloud venue per exhibitor (account), regardless of the number of group members.
*Multiple exhibits are prohibited. Do not exhibit the same person’s contents under the name of multiple groups, even if the group representatives are different. Exhibiting the same content in multiple exhibitors is not allowed. As an exception, in the case of Quest world and, you may exhibit the same contents as that in PC world.
*If the number of applications exceeds the maximum number of spaces in each world, a drawing will be held.
*Please refer to the Submission Rules for the material count and file size limitations.
*The exhibition worlds are going to be published again after the end of event period. It is recommended that the blueprint ID of the avatar pedestals should be set to be the trial version.
*Please abide by the Terms of Service, Community Guidelines and other regulations of VRChat, one of the venue. In particular, VRChat has specifically announced that they "do not permit promotion, advertising, integration, or solicitation of unauthorized products or services like NFT or blockchain technology in VRChat". As such, exhibits pertaining to this cannot be exhibited.


Exhibitor Creators applying for booths to Virtual Market.
Circle (Exhibitor Group) A group of creators
World Virtual space where the exhibition is held.
Concept World A world produced with specific concepts and keywords to attractively showcase the exhibits of the circles.
Space Area allocated for the exhibitor
Booth The exhibits placed inside the allocated space.
Circle (Exhibitor group) representative A representative for the exhibitor group. The exhibitor who submits the booths of the group.
Circle (Exhibitor group) member The members who belong to the exhibitor group.

Changes from Vket2021

  • Added lilToon to the official distribution package while removing PoiyomiToonShader and Xiexes-Unity-Shader. When you use PoiyomiToonShader, Lock it and submit the generated shader file only.
  • UdonNodeGraph and CyanTrigger are now permitted as the Udon Assembly.
  • Local keywords of shaders are permitted.
  • CyanTrigger is added to the available components while Halo and LODGroup are removed.
  • VketUdonControl is no longer required when you use UdonBehaviour component outside the official Prefabs.
  • Stencil buffer parameter is limited to 200.