Media Coverage

Virtual Market is the world’s largest virtual event, attracting over one million visitors from around the globe, and receiving two Guinness World Records.

Come visit our office (Ebisu, Tokyo) to experience the event using the latest VR equipment.

For interviews, location shooting, and live broadcasting in the virtual world we provide specialized staff at all times as well as announcers and voice actors with VR skills, providing support to various forms of coverage.

Please note that you can take home the photos and videos on the spot using a hard drive or other media.

Remote interviews using Zoom or VRChat are also available.

Even if Virtual Market is not being held at the present time, we can provide you access to the venues. Please feel free to contact us.

Virtual Market Media Coverage




  • Forbes
  • WWD(表紙)
  • 宣伝会議
  • 日経クロストレンド
  • 日経エンタテインメント
  • 日経TRENDY
  • 日経ビジネス
  • Sweet
  • 週刊ファミ通
  • コロコロコミック