List of Participatory events

Information is always updated! Information is also available on our official SNS!

  • [MOKURI] Prop Hunt in Casca-Acqua

    MOKURI Prop Hunt Avatar to be installed at Vket2022Summer venue "Casca-Acqua"!

    You can reply to your favorite prop and hide, or attack the hidden suspicious prop with a water gun!

    Let's play with Prop Hunt Avatar!
    Scheduled to be distributed on 8/15(Mon) on the official MOKURI Project channel!

  • Nisocon VR tournament

    A special "NISOCON VR" booth will be set up at Vket Plaza during the event!

    Also, the 3rd Nisocon VR in Vket2022Summer will be held on August 20!

    14:00 ~ 16:00(JST)

    The official HP of the tournament is here!

  • VRC General Public Wall

    VRC General Public Wall What a stage for the 10th edition!
    Vket2022 Summer!

    In collaboration with #Vket, we're going to deliver this episode in two parts, the first part and the second part, so it's going to be a huge volume!

    The guests will be gorgeous and the former organizer will come as a judge, so it's sure to be a big party!
    Let's get through this summer with comedy!

    8/20(Sat) 20:00 / 8/27(Sat) 20:00 JST


  • Kaisen-don Project

    Kaisen-Don x Vket Collaboration!

    Collaboration distribution with Kaisen-Don will start at 23:00 (JST) on 8/27!

    Vket2022Summer staff will be our guest.
    We will be hosting a special event only possible during Vket!

  • Kanaeru Gakuen | KanaProMarket x #Vket 2022summer collaboration

    KanaProMarket x #Vket 2022summer Collaboration!

    8/22 (Mon.) 21:00 JST, Live broadcast to be determined!
    Gorgeous voice-over guests announced!

    We welcome Kotori Koiwai, Aina Kusuda, and Hikkaika Akaneya as guests!
    After experiencing Vket, you will be able to make your memories into goods during the broadcast⁉