List of Project & Promos

Information is always updated! Information is also available on our official SNS!

  • Vket Official 3D Goods

    Get your hands on official Vket 3D goods and get excited for Vket 2022Summer!

    We'll be selling and distributing distinctive 3D models from each of our worlds!
    Take them as souvenirs!

    Click here for details!

  • #VketPhoto

    Share your photos from Vket2022Summer!

    8/13(Sat)-28(Sun) "Vket2022Summer" will be held!

    Hashtag for sharing photos of Vket2022Summer
    Let's tweet with "#VketPhoto"!

    We may use your photos in media articles and Vket management!

    #VRChat #VketCloud

  • #Vketお品書き

    Why don't you advertise your exhibits?

    Tweet about your exhibits with the hashtag #Vketお品書き!

    Dear exhibitors
    Please use it to promote your work and booth!

    #Vket #VRChat

  • #Vket2022Summer完全制覇

    Vket2022 Summer
    World Check Sheet Distribution!

    Tweet with an image of the checklist you have completed and the hashtag #Vket2022Summer完全制覇

    We are looking forward to your reports of complete conquest!
    #Vket #VRChat