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Parareal New York

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
HP Japan Inc.
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Concept Art:Phase.

Parareal New York

Welcome to Virtual Market’s Parareal City, a place where digital and real worlds intersect! Parareal City will see two new locations joining its roster this Summer! Osaka, the city of entertainment; with both comedy and local cuisines in spades. New York, the ever-growing metropolis of cumulative advancements. Parareal worlds offer a mixture of real-life’s familiarity and the freshness of VR possibilities. Enjoy these “New realities” full of experiences unique to the metaverse!

Parareal New York

World Modeler:IORI

Key Words:
  • global city
  • international
  • United States
  • trade
  • Times Square
  • Broadway

Concept Art:TomidaWorld Modeler:arikuiroom


Vket Mall stands as the quintessential shopping mall experience of the digital realm. This event, expect a color of pure summer painting your sights in our fittingly-named Vket Summer Mall! Splash into a world of dolphins, palm trees and sparkles, all surrounded by an exciting spectacle of storefronts. We hope you enjoy a cool and refreshing time with your friends this summer!